Betaplex team

Nazir Aridi


Founder and president of Betaplex.

Alain Aridi

Director of Operations

Director of real estate development operations and business development.

Jad Aridi

Vice-president of operations

Vice-president of operations and construction.

Dalida Aridi

General manager

General manager.

Josée Hamel

Sales director of housing and condominium projects

Daniel Brochu

Construction director

Director of light residential, heavy residential and commercial construction projects.

Manon Bourget

Head accountant

Accounting department director

Stéphane Chainey

Project Director

Director of light and heavy residential projects and commercial projects

Sébastien Raiche

Architectural Technologist

Architectural Technologist

Hélène Bluteau

Accounting technician

Accounting technician and lease manager.

Interior designer

Interior designer and space planner